Youth Services

Our Youth Programs include training, mentoring, educating, counselling, outreach, justice, fellowship and community.

“It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.” Frederick Douglas.

Acorn2Oak Justice Program™

We engage youth (ages 12-35 years), families, communities and systems in a holistic justice program that interrupts cycles of harm, juvenile incarceration, and other factors that create at-risk youth and unsafe communities. Our Acorn2Oak Justice Program™ is an alternative to Criminal Justice Practice.  Our ultimate aim is to restore, equip and transform lives, propelling youth to achieve their full potential regardless of their circumstances and to repair harm in order to move forward in positive ways.

Supported by our Sponsor:

Chayil Mentorship

Our Mentorship Program prepares youth and millennials for holistic prosperity in all areas of life and to become positive influencers in society.  The focus areas include: Life Coaching for a purpose-driven successful and healthy life (mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally), Academic Mentorship, Career Coaching, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Our Children & Youth Counsellors provide support and assistance to children and youth coping with difficult emotions, situations at home or school, relationship with parent/guardian or extended family members or living in crisis situations. For children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder, our Child Psychotherapist uses behaviour and communication therapies to assess and treat social interactions, communication skills and behaviour.

Academic Support

Our aim is to help youth to finish high school in a learning and tutoring environment outside the classroom. We provide academic assessment, help to explore school courses and programs, mediation with schools, with choices for higher learning or trade, application process and finding scholarships. We provide group or private or group tutoring and structured group activities. We also address systemic barriers to education and provide guidance and help to families with solutions.

Sports & Recreation

Youth are involved in a variety of sports, games and competitions.  We believe that sports helps youth to develop communication, problem solving skills and tight bonds with their teammates which will provide them with community and a support system.


After my mom and I migrated to Canada, she remarried and my relationship with my stepdad was never good. I desired love from a father so I began to explore relationships with older men who eventually became abusive. I was angry, confused, hurt so I turned to drugs. I was about to drop out of high school when a friend introduced me to Acorn2Oak Youth Centre.  My hope was restored.  I received, counsel, support and care and today I am a graduate of College in Social Services.