Seniors Wellness

 At Acorn2Oak we are dedicated to supporting the health, happiness, and well-being of our senior community members. We understand the importance of maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle as we age. That’s why we’ve created ‘Resilient Seniors,’ a culturally specific program tailored to seniors aged 50 and over in the Peel Region who aspire to lead vibrant and healthy lives.

Resilient Seniors: Leading Active and Healthy Lives

‘Resilient Seniors’ is designed for seniors who seek more than just a place to pass the time. It’s a program that celebrates life at every age and encourages seniors to lead active and fulfilling lives. Here’s what you can expect:

Culturally Specific

We understand that every senior is unique. ‘Resilient Seniors’ is tailored to the diverse cultural backgrounds of our community, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

Active Lifestyle

We offer a range of activities and programs that promote physical fitness, mental agility, and social engagement. Whether it’s yoga, dance, or simply a leisurely walk, we have something for everyone.

Healthy Living

Our program is focused on health and wellness, including guidance on nutrition, stress management, and overall well-being. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is essential for a happy life.

Senior Assistance: Practical Help and Companionship

We recognize that our senior community members sometimes need practical assistance in their daily lives. Our Senior Assistance services provide support in various ways:

Food Assistance

We offer help with accessing nutritious food, including meal delivery and assistance with grocery shopping.

Care Support

Whether it's in-home care, health resources, or medical referrals, we're here to ensure seniors receive the care they need.

Housing Guidance

Finding the right housing solution can be challenging. We provide guidance and resources to help seniors make informed decisions about their living situation.

Excursions and Activities

Regular outings and activities are organised to foster a sense of adventure and exploration among seniors.

Workshops and Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is a key focus, with workshops and activities designed to stimulate the mind, promote new skills, and encourage personal growth.

Stimulating Fellowship and Community

Beyond the practical assistance, we believe that seniors should have the opportunity to enjoy stimulating fellowship and create meaningful connections. Our community center provides a warm and inclusive environment where seniors can build friendships, share experiences, and engage in fulfilling conversations.

At your local community center, we are committed to helping seniors lead enriched lives. Whether it’s through ‘Seniors Connect’ or our Senior Assistance services, we’re here to support your journey towards a healthier and happier future. Join us, and let’s embrace this beautiful stage of life together.

'Resilient Me’ Seniors Art program