Justice Program

Acorn2Oak Justice Program™ is not only an alternative to incarceration, but is a holistic program to transform lives & bring peace to relationships.


The Concern: The issue of at-risk children,  youth and young adults is a concern for many communities across Canada. The Acorn2Oak Justice Program™ is designed to address the propensity for delinquency in struggling children, youth and young adults.                                                     

Our Mission: To provide a holistic and integrated justice program with strategic intervention, rehabilitation and restoration of youth offenders and at-risk youth with a focus on Black, Indigenous, and other marginalized groups.

Ultimate Aim

Our Ultimate Aim: To restore, equip and transform lives, propelling youth to achieve their full potential regardless of their circumstances, and to repair harm in order to move forward in positive ways and for safer communities across Canada.

With a team of committed professionals and volunteers for mentorship, our aim is to prevent the progression of dangerous or criminal behavior, break youth crime cycles, and address their psychological, mental, physical and emotional needs for positive change.   

Our Services

At Acorn2Oak we are committed to providing an experienced and caring team of professionals and agencies.

Justice, Legal
Justice, Legal

Our Legal Team includes lawyers, court workers, probation officers, mediation team and legal assistants. It is important that youth engage a lawyer to speak for them and to make sure that their rights are protected. Indigenous youth have additional rights and options.

Youth Centre of Excellence
Social Work

Our Social Workers and Facilitators are skilled in using assessment tools to determine the necessary interventions and counselling needed for the families impacted (victims and offenders) and to create a collaborative approach with agencies for the best results for youth and community.

Counselling, Clinical psychology

Our program provides affordable counselling for children, youth, parents and families with challenges such as: poor educational standards in school, violence in home or social circles, socioeconomic factors, substance abuse, ADHD, autism, and parental issues with lack of moral guidance.

Referrals and Partner Agencies
Referrals and Partner Agencies

Our referrals and social agencies include: health workers, advocacy organizations, community services, educators, counsellors, mentors, child welfare services, family service agencies, correctional facilities, social housing organizations, family courts, and employment assistance counsellors.

Education, Literacy
Education, Literacy

Our aim is to help youth to finish high school in a learning and tutoring environment outside the classroom. We provide academic assessment, help to explore school courses, programs , and choices for higher learning or trade. We also address systemic barriers to education and provide mediation and guidance for solutions.

Chayil Mentorship Program

Our Chayil Mentorship Program prepares youth and millennials for holistic prosperity in all areas of life and to become positive influencers in society. The focus areas include: Life Coaching, Academic Mentorship, Career Coaching, Financial, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Employment.

Justice Assistance

Justice Assistance involves participants in all facets of the justice system – the courts, the correctional facilities, and the community.

Court Interventions for first time & minor offense

Our professional team helps to provide sentencing options for first time offenders and those with minor offences versus

Victim Assistance
and support

Our victim assistance process provides support and services to victims for healing, recovery from the crime, and support as they proceed through the criminal justice process.

Community service

Community Service Order allows low-risk offenders and often first time offenders to be held accountable for their actions by doing community work in charities.

Victim/Offender facilitation

Victim-offender mediation (VOM) is a process that provides interested victims (primarily those of property crimes and minor assaults) the opportunity to meet their offenders in a safe and structured setting. The goal is to hold offenders directly accountable while providing important support and assistance to victims.

Peace Circle

A Peace Circle is a process used to respond to conflict and crime where all parties are given the opportunity to discuss what happened, the impacts, and what is required to move forward. Those who harm are invited to take responsibility and make amends and those who are harmed are supported in their healing process.


We facilitate a Conferencing process where the victim, the offender, their supporters (e.g., family members), and community members work toward reparation.

Black and indigenous youth

Black and indigenous youth in Canada are over represented in the criminal justice system and are more likely to be charged for minor crimes.  Together we can change that reality!