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A Youth Worker
At the age of 18, I was confused and discouraged about my future.  Through the programs at Acorn2Oak, I received Counselling, Training, Resume Writing Skills and Guidance for my career path.  As a result I went to Humber College and graduated as a Youth and Childcare Worker. I have since worked as a Manager for a Youth Care Agency and as a Youth Officer at a Correctional Youth Facility.  Currently I am working at a Child and Youth Care Agency with at-risk youth.  Today I am living my dream by helping young people and giving back to our community in gratefulness for the help that I rececived at Acorn2oak Youth Services. D.W.

A Grateful Mother
My son came to the Acorn2Oak Youth Services at a very critical time of his life.  He was involved in an incident at his school that led to charges being laid on him and other classmates. Through the programs of Acorn2Oak my son and I received guidance, counsel and professional help to take us through the court process. The Restorative Justice Program helped him to understand the seriousness of the matter and he was ready to cooperate to change his life and be counselled on a path to fulfill his potential.  He became involved in volunteer work, did his community service and received support from a team of caring and skillful helpers.  Today my son is on path that has given him confidence in a bright future and has given me peace to know that he is in a constructive environment with the right kind of friends.



After School Soccer

After School Soccer

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