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Restorative Justice

Acorn2Oak Restorative Justice programs provide restoration, rehabilitation and reintegration of youth and young adults offenders into families and society at large.  The interventions are designed to provide support and guidance to youth who are facing court issues and challenges in their homes or community.

Our team offers guidance, counselling, and professional help in the process of court representation, bail, sentencing, probation, community service and restoration of broken relationships with families.  The aim is to break cycles of violence and crime, while addressing the psychological, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs.  Our holistic program provides support and help for lasting successful results without recidivism.

Court Intervention Program provides remedial options and an alternative to incarceration for individuals 12 and older that have come into conflict with the law with certain offenses.

After Prison Care is available to ex-offenders who are in need of support systems, as they reintegrate into families, community and society.



After School Soccer

After School Soccer

Friday: GenImpact Youth
7:30 pm Inspiration. Care Groups
10:00 pm Fun. Fellowship

Saturday School: 9:30am-12:00pm
Academic Tutoring, Homework Help


Academic Enhancement,
Scholarship Seminar
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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