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Education Programs

Student Enhancement Program provides academic mentorship and career counselling for students during Primary, High School and College.

Student Intervention Program provides support and empowers parents as their children progress through the school system.  Mediates between school and home to achieve meaningful solutions to problems.

Saturday School Program provides assistance to help students achieve excellence, master areas of difficulty, and promotes skills that would help them reach their academic potential.

Scholarships are made available to individuals who are in financial need and would not be able to afford to further their post secondary education.  Students are also trained to access other sources of scholarship and bursaries that are available to them.

Parent Education provides parents with information so they can help their children make wise educational choices.  Parents are provided with parenting strategies that they could use to ensure their children’s success.



After School Soccer

After School Soccer

Friday: GenImpact Youth
7:30 pm Inspiration. Care Groups
10:00 pm Fun. Fellowship

Saturday School: 9:30am-12:00pm
Academic Tutoring, Homework Help


Academic Enhancement,
Scholarship Seminar
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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