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Acorn2Oak Youth Services offer the following programs for children and youth:

1. Education Programs

Acorn2Oak Youth Services provides educational programs in tutoring, mentoring, education guidance and counseling, job shadowing, scholarships, mediation and parental guidance to help children and youth succeed in school.

Student Enhancement Program provides academic mentorship and career counselling for students during Primary, High School and College.

Student Intervention Program provides support and empowers parents as their children progress through the school system.  Mediates between school and home to achieve meaningful solutions to problems.

Saturday School Program provides assistance to help students achieve excellence, master areas of difficulty, and promotes skills that would help them reach their academic potential.

Scholarships are made available to individuals who are in financial need and would not be able to afford to further their post secondary education.  Students are also trained to access other sources of scholarship and bursaries that are available to them.

Parent Education provides parents with information so they can help their children make wise educational choices.  Parents are provided with parenting strategies that they could use to ensure their children’s success.

2. Restorative Justice

Acorn2Oak Restorative Justice programs provide restoration, rehabilitation and reintegration of youth and young adults offenders into families and society at large.  The interventions are designed to provide support and guidance to youth who are facing court issues and challenges in their homes or community. 

Our team offers guidance, counselling, and professional help in the process of court representation, bail, sentencing, probation, community service and restoration of broken relationships with families.  The aim is to break the cycle of crime, while addressing the psychological, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs.  Our holistic program provides support and help for lasting successful results without recidivism.

Court Intervention Program provides remedial options and an alternative to incarceration for individuals 12 and older that have come into conflict with the law with certain offences.

Prison Care is available to those incarcerated.  We provide visitation services, emotional support, practical lessons, special events at holiday seasons and hope for help in our After Prison Care Program.

After Prison Care is available to ex-offenders who are in need of support systems, as they reintegrate into families, community and society.

3. Mentorship

Mentorship provides carefully selected and screened mentors as positive role models to young people, to whom they give their time, knowledge and hearts.  The mentors are committed to empowering young people with necessary skills to restore hope and positively contribute to the community and society.

4. Counselling and Social Services

Qualified professionals - psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers provide counselling services and equip individuals with the tools needed to cope with daily issues.  We help youth identify problem areas and teach them the necessary skills to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.
Services include but are not limited to:  Psychological, Clinical, Trauma Assessments; Abuse Specific Treatment; Anger Management; Eating Disorders; Depression; Grief and Loss; Emotional Healing

Career Counselling
We provide programs and services to help individuals who are unemployed or unskilled to assist them in seeking gainful employment and to be integrated into the work force. Services include: career counselling, job search assistance, hosting of job fairs, preparing resumes, comprehensive career and basic skills assessment.

Parents and Family Counselling
To help parents and families understand and deal with challenges and develop strategies or interventions that will empower them with coping, healing and working towards restoration and healthy outcomes.

5. Sports & Recreation 

Our team of youth workers provide sports and recreational activities.  Partnerships are made with local schools and other organizations for competitive games. The Sports and Recreation programs provide a challenging outlet for the energy and artistic expression of our younger generation. The recreational facility provides games such as pool; organized basketball; soccer; badminton and tabletop games. These sports and game programs include the development of amateur sports teams to participate in established community based competitions.



After School Soccer

After School Soccer

Friday: GenImpact Youth
7:30 pm Inspiration. Care Groups
10:00 pm Fun. Fellowship

Saturday School: 9:30am-12:00pm
Academic Tutoring, Homework Help


Academic Enhancement,
Scholarship Seminar
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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