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About Us

Acorn2Oak Youth Services has been positively impacting lives in communities in the Greater Toronto Area for over twenty years through its wide range of programs, geared towards providing solution and support for age group 13-30 years.  Hundreds of youth and young adults have been transformed regardless of their creed, color, race and religious beliefs.  Our services include prevention, intervention, healing and transformation, to nurture mental, emotional, social, spiritual and physical well being in youths. 

Our programs encompass a holistic approach and fall within five major categories:
1. Education
2. Restorative Justice
3. Counselling
4. Mentorship
5. Sports and Recreation.
A2O Youth Services is a not-for-profit community organization and a charity.


To restore, equip and transform young lives to achieve their potential and positively contribute to the community and society.


We care.  Care involves valuing others and doing practical actions for their benefit.  With this in mind Acorn2Oak Youth Services has developed five programs that will help young people in their healing or development mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially in a caring and supportive environment.  Our counselling services also help with healing and restoration of relationships. 
We value and respect youth as young people with powerful relevance in the current and future state of our society. Our aim is to discover their personal strengths and to help them to achieve their full potential and significance.
Everyone needs hope.  Hope fosters strength, faith, creativity and dreams.  We believe that it is never too late for a person to change for the better if they are provided with the right support, professional help and if they are willing to use their power of choice for change. We provide hope, help and a way forward into new opportunities.
We believe in the collaborative efforts, skills and committed participation of youth, their families, agencies and community partners to achieve the greatest impact in the lives of youths.
In the spirit of excellence we provide a team of caring supportive leaders and professionals to serve our youth in a caring and friendly environment.



After School Soccer

After School Soccer

Friday: GenImpact Youth
7:30 pm Inspiration. Care Groups
10:00 pm Fun. Fellowship

Saturday School: 9:30am-12:00pm
Academic Tutoring, Homework Help


Academic Enhancement,
Scholarship Seminar
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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