Housing Subsidy Program

A Collaborative Initiative with the Region of Peel to Combat Homelessness

The current state of the affordable housing system is strained and inadequately funded. It takes an average-income household approximately 30 years to accumulate enough savings for a down payment on a 25-year mortgage. For minimum wage households, this saving period extends to a daunting 50 years. Notably, Mississauga and Brampton rank fourth and fifth, respectively, in national rental rates. In these cities, average rents now devour entire paychecks for minimum wage households, significantly elevating their risk of homelessness.

In a concerted effort to enhance accessibility to housing support, prevent homelessness, and cater to individuals in environments where they are most comfortable seeking assistance, Acorn2Oak has partnered with the Region of Peel. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide housing subsidies to our clients.

The new partnerships will enable Housing Services to expand its reach and advance its equity and inclusion goals, while also building the capacity of the non-profit sector in Peel.

Acorn2Oak will be responsible for administering the subsidy and appropriately supporting their clients in finding ( if necessary) and maintaining housing. This includes providing active case management services and wrap-around supports, as needed.

Client Eligibility Criteria

The following table outlines the Region’s eligibility guidelines to access a subsidy through this program. 




Must reside in Peel to provide immediate support to current residents


Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or applied for permanent residency or refugee protection in Canada with no removal orders


The existing household income limits as per O. Reg. 370/11 based on current year


Agree to sell any home or land that client owns (or share ownership of) within 6 months of accepting an offer

Not have cash, investments, or property worth more than $50,000 (or $75,000 if applying with someone)

Centralized Waitlist

If client is currently on the Centralized Waitlist, they will be removed if they accept the offer for a community agency subsidy. Removal from the wait list will not occur until housing is secured.

Unit: Community/Social Housing Provider

Clients that are searching for accommodations cannot receive a community agency subsidy if the new accommodation is a social housing provider unit. This may not apply to an existing tenant depending on their situation but will be at the discretion of the Region’s program supervisor.

Other Subsidy Programs

Clients cannot receive more than one subsidy type.