Community Services

Our community programs provide services for families, people of all ages and stages of life.  Programs include: Counselling, Food Security, Newcomers Settlement, Seniors Programs, After Prison Care and Workshops.



We provide effective counselling services to individuals experiencing emotional, psychological, family, marital, anger management, types of abuse and challenges. We counsel  individuals, families, children, youth and people of all ages and stages of life. Our Marriage Counselors use conversations to find the root troubles and conflicts they are facing and help with solutions.

Food Security, COVID Assistance

Our programs distribute food to those in need and Personal Protective Equipment to seniors and frontliners.  Consideration is given to the size of the family and special needs.  Cooked meals are also provided in partnership with outreach centres.

Newcomers Services

We provide assistance to newcomers to Canada with information and referrals that will help them with their settlement needs and transition to life in Canada.  Areas of interest include: Employment Services, Housing Information, Health Care Services, Legal and Social Services, Government Programs.

Seniors Assistance

We provide practical help with food, care, housing, and excursions.  Regular workshops and activities are provided to help seniors with lifelong learning and stimulating fellowship.

After-Prison Care

Sometimes the first step is the hardest.  We provide support to individuals affected by imprisonment, current and former offenders and their families.  Our team help to provide a safe space, information and referral services.


It brings me hope to know that I can get help at A2O Community Services on a weekly basis with food and resources to subsidize my government assistance.


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