Our Story

Acorn2Oak was started about 20 years ago by people who cared for the youth in the great Toronto community. With passion and promise, A2O is now a will established not-for-profit community organization and a charity that has touch many lives through education, restorative justice, counselling, mentorship, recreation and new comers programs.

Vision, Mission and Values

At Acorn2Oak we are privileged and blessed to be a part of serving our community through education, counseling, mentoring, recreation, and much more.


Acorn2Oak exists to restore, equip and transform lives, propelling individuals to achieve their full potential regardless of their circumstances.


Our mission is to help equip and support families for lifelong success within our communities. We are dedicated to providing the best possible avenues to complete our mission.


Care: Care involves valuing others and doing practical actions for their benefit. With this in mind Acorn2Oak Youth Services has developed five programs that will help young people in their healing or development mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially in a caring and supportive environment. Our counselling services also help with healing and restoration of relationships. Respect: We value and respect youth as young people with powerful relevance in the current and future state of our society. Our aim is to discover their personal strengths and to help them to achieve their full potential and significance. Hopefulness: Everyone needs hope. Hope fosters strength, faith, creativity and dreams. We believe that it is never too late for a person to change if they are provided with the right support and have the willingness to use their power of choice. We provide hope, support and a way forward into new opportunities. Teamwork: We believe in the collaborative efforts, skills and committed participation of youth, their families, agencies and community partners to achieve the greatest impact in the lives of youths. Excellence: In the spirit of excellence we provide a team of caring supportive leaders and professionals to serve our youth in a caring and friendly environment.